Safety and Simplicity: The Art of Towing a Tiny House

Towing a Tiny Home

Transporting a tiny house may seem intimidating, but with the right knowledge and preparation, it could be a safe and simple task. Whether you are moving to a new location or going on a road trip, mastering the art of towing a tiny house is essential. From selecting the right vehicle to understanding weight limits and securing the house properly, this article will guide you through ensuring safety and simplicity in towing your tiny home.

How to Transport a Tiny House

Here are a few suggestions for moving a tiny dwelling.

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Appropriate Trailer and Truck for Shipping

Consider that its fragile appliances could break in transit. Furthermore, tiny dwellings are prone to toppling over due to their large surface area. Consequently, select a towing truck that maintains the house’s stability and security during the trip. You need to consider the following trucks:

1. Ford Super Duty F-450: It has an elongated cargo bed, five seats, and dual rear wheels as standard. Being a commercial vehicle, the Ford Super Duty is designed to tow the biggest loads. Its towing capacity of up to 37,000 pounds is the best in its class.

2. Ford F-150: Over time, this truck’s towing capability has grown. It also has an abundance of technological amenities and decent gas efficiency. There is enough for three to six people to sit in the backseat. Capacity to tow 13,200 pounds.

3. Chevrolet Colorado: Outstanding fuel efficiency and hauling capacity are two noteworthy attributes of this Chevy pickup. Out of the three available capacities, the turbo-diesel option offers the most fuel efficiency. Capacity to tow 7,700 pounds.

Safe Doors and Storage Units for Transportation

As you travel by car across the nation, ensure the house is ready for any bumps in the road. Keeping all the cabinets and doors locked reduces the likelihood of breaking into the house. It also provides you with the assurance that your household goods will arrive at your destination undamaged.

Put All Larger Appliances on Hold

Naturally, paying for a second car to move your belongings will make no sense if you are moving the entire house. However, to prevent movement, you must ensure that all the big appliances are securely fastened when moving your tiny home. Since most tiny homes are constructed of wood, there’s a greater possibility that those big appliances would break the house if you left them alone.

Minimal Household Mobility

Deciding to either hire a transportation company or move the tiny house yourself is crucial. Choose a seasoned shipping tiny home company if you do not feel confident enough to move your tiny house alone. You have a variety of options when it comes to tiny house shipping companies:

Long-Range Transport

You may feel compelled to relocate your little house if you are traveling across the country or simply from one side of the state to the other. In these situations, choose a freight business based on what works best for you and, particularly, your budget.

Short-Term Relocation

If you are not moving far away, you can still deal with professionals like Heavy Haulers. Because they are equipped and knowledgeable enough to guarantee that the house arrives at its location safely.

Conversely, if you believe in yourself and have a can-do attitude, you can relocate your little house by yourself. In addition to being a fun experience, this option also saves money. But bear in mind the following:

  • Never forget to use big vehicles or trailers for big jobs.
  • Verify that your permits are up-to-date.
  • Don’t forget to check the weather.
  • Select the proper path.
  • Ensure that the point of gravity of a vacuum toppling is maintained as low as feasible.

The Top Moving Services for Tiny Houses

Allied Van Lines

For any long-distance transfer, Allied Van Lines is a great option. With nearly nine decades of moving business experience, they offer moving services to all fifty states and more than 130 locations worldwide. Allied can arrange for a stress-free tiny house transfer for you if you are searching for a tiny house transport business and trustworthy, experienced movers. Packing and shipping your tiny house to its new site are included in Allied.


  • Offer complete valuation insurance.
  • The new moving container service from Allied Express comes with packing and unpacking services.
  • On a moving day, they can donate unwanted items to the Salvation Army.


  • There is not much information available about storage alternatives.
  • No reasonably priced short-term service choices


U-Pack is the least expensive choice because it is a moving container service. U-Pack can help you move all of your possessions before having your tiny home towed away if you need to relocate. The options are a big moving trailer or U-Pack’s ReloCubes, which will fit into a little parking space. After a U-Pack driver drops off the containers at your existing residence, you pack and fill them, and the driver comes back to retrieve your belongings and transport the container to its intended location.


  • Charge just the square footage you use.
  • Make a reservation online; you can get an estimate instantly and save $25.
  • The ease of operating a moving car
  • The lowest prices listed here


  • Three days is all it takes to load and unload
  • No storage is available on-site

North American Van Lines

You can relocate with North American Van Lines to each state in the union and more than 175 other nations. They even offer unique pricing for their services. They have reasonable pricing to ensure that your bill does not go above a specific amount. Transporting your tiny house should not be a problem for the drivers of North American Van Lines because they have expertise driving in several settings thanks to their training and a driving simulator that North America has developed.


  • Provides services for removing garbage after unpacking
  • BBB rating of A+
  • Use the WorldTrac satellite system to follow your package.
  • Collaborates with the ReStore initiative of Habitat for Humanity and Move for Hunger


  • A few clients have mentioned that their products are damaged.
  • Negative internet reviews overall

International Van Lines

With more than 20 years of experience, International Van Lines (IVL) is a full-service moving company. They assist with 20,000 moves annually on average, and Newsweek consistently recognizes them with its Best Customer Service Award. With a relocation strategy that works for you, IVL can assist you with any obstacle, no matter how big or small. If you are relocating a tiny home, you can work with International Van Lines to help you move the tiny home itself after they pack up everything you own inside your house.


  • If you postpone your relocation at least 48 hours in advance, you will receive a 100% refund.
  • The IVL website has a clear and helpful listing of additional services.
  • IVL was named the Best National Moving Company by Forbes in 2023.
  • Included is free storage on some long-distance moves


  • Several clients have complained about irregular quotes.
  • It takes a 25% down payment to reserve your move.

American Van Lines

Working in the lower 48 states, American Van Lines (AVL) is well-known for its binding estimates and reasonable, flat-rate pricing. Numerous specialized services are available from them, such as auto transport, fragile-only packing, and mobile home towing. Many American Van Lines employees have moved and packed for ten years on average, and they have packers who are certified to handle fine art, antiques, and musical instruments. They make an item-by-item inventory before meticulously packing and wrapping every item to ensure that it is safe from damage and simple to locate when you get to your new house.


  • Fixed-price pricing
  • Last-minute relocations at no extra expense
  • At an extra cost, professional moving and packing products
  • On request, climate-controlled storage is available.


  • No flights to or from Hawaii or Alaska
  • It takes a deposit to hold your relocation.

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Moving Apt

Moving APT is a nationwide moving agency that can connect you with local businesses that meet your needs and stay within your budget. The best thing about their business concept is that they handle the entire process for you, saving you the headache of searching for local or nationwide movers.


  • Binding calculations
  • 2,500 carriers and partners around the country
  • Has contributed to the facilitation of 500,000 moves
  • Packages specifically designed for the elderly and local moves


  • A few unfavorable Internet reviews
  • You must give seven days’ notice to receive your deposit back.


What Is the Cost of Transport a Small House?

Numerous factors might affect the cost of transporting a tiny house, including the size of the house. These variables include the kind of tiny home you wish to ship, its dimensions, and the destination for delivery. The legislation about licensing and transportation in your area is an additional consideration.

Shipping a tiny house should cost you between $500 and $5,000. The mile provides the shipping quotes. Jobs involving long-distance shipping, such as tiny homes moving from one state to another, can begin at $1,000. Tiny house removals within a short radius can cost as little as $800.

How Frequently Can a Tiny House Trailer Be Moved?

You can move it every few months. However, consider that each shift will cause wear and tear. Tiny houses are perfectly sized to provide cost savings and easy relocation, regardless of whether they are constructed on wheels or loaded into a mobile trailer for transportation. Just remember that little houses are heavy, and if you relocate them a lot, they will survive a lot longer.

I Want to Move My Tiny Home; Do I Need a Permit?

The laws governing the transportation of large loads or unusual cargo vary from state to state. For instance, moving your tiny house in Oregon requires trip permission. In most circumstances, register your tiny house in South Carolina as an RV home or mobile home; in that scenario, you are free to drive it anywhere in the state without a permit. Remember to construct a tiny house on wheels to be registered as a mobile home or recreational vehicle. Before you set up small house transport, check the regulations in the state you live in to see if you require any papers or permits.


To ensure a safe and lawful move, moving a tiny house takes meticulous planning, preparation, and execution. There may be many choices for bases, transportation, and permits; they depend on the kind and size of the tiny house. While some tiny homes are on wheels that need to be raised and fastened to a flatbed, others are placed on trailers pulled by a vehicle. Happy moving!

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