What Counties in North Dakota Allow Tiny Houses – Rules & Regulations You Need To Consider

North Dakota

As the tiny house movement continues to gain popularity across the United States, individuals are looking for counties and regions where they can legally build, live, and buy tiny houses.

In North Dakota, the rules and regulations surrounding tiny houses vary from county to county. While some counties embrace the tiny house movement, others prohibit tiny homes or have strict requirements.

Let’s take a closer look at which counties in North Dakota allow tiny houses and the considerations you need to consider.

Tiny House Prices in North Dakota

Once you have arrived on your tiny house adventure, you will want to know your budget and the ideal tiny home’s cheap options.

We provide a solution to meet all needs and financial constraints, letting you get started on your house-building project. Take a look at the available tiny homes for sale in North Dakota!

What Counties in North Dakota Allow Tiny Houses?

There are no governmental regulations on tiny dwellings in North Dakota. Local governments in each city and county set their restrictions, which results in a patchwork of tiny house laws throughout the state. Nonetheless, the International Residential Code (IRC) stipulates that all dwellings, including tiny ones, must adhere to a group of minimal requirements.

Grand Forks County

Grand Forks County is a great area to live small in North Dakota. The municipality will shortly implement laws controlling tiny home buildings.

Burleigh County

Burleigh County is one of the most welcoming counties in North Dakota for tiny houses. The county now permits the construction of these distinctive minimal homes in various locations around its boundaries thanks to certain tiny home restrictions.

  • Every tiny house on wheels needs to be on a foundation.
  • Water, power, gas, and sewer access are requirements for the residences. Following municipal zoning laws, tiny dwellings are also allowed on areas designated as agricultural property.
  • The Burleigh County Ordinance and the North Dakota Century Code restrict auxiliary dwelling units. However, they exclude tiny homes situated on lots larger than forty acres.

Tiny House Regulations And Rules In North Dakota

In North Dakota, there are no statewide regulations specifically addressing tiny houses. So, zoning regulations and building codes vary by county and municipality. Many areas have minimum square footage requirements, while others allow tiny houses as long as they meet building codes and connect to utilities. Before building a tiny house in North Dakota, research local regulations.

Permanent Structure Rules

North Dakota adheres to the International Residential Code’s (IRC) fundamental guidelines for energy conservation, fire safety, and structural integrity for tiny homes built on foundations.

  • One room in the residence needs at least 120 square feet.
  • Stairs, doorways, and hallways need a minimum of 3 feet wide.
  • The lofts require windows and stairs to provide an emergency escape.
  • At least 7 feet should separate the floor and the ceiling.

Temporary Structure Rules

Generally speaking, tiny homes on wheels qualify as temporary tiny dwellings. In North Dakota, these homes are seen as RVs or mobile homes.

As a result, all movable tiny buildings need a register and adhere to laws governing recreational vehicles.

Transitional Structure Rules

They are structures that come between permanent and mobile structures, and there are no rules. You should speak with your local authorities to find out if you can build one and what safety requirements you follow.

Where Can I Build A Tiny House in North Dakota?

Locating a comfortable location to live is crucial. Choose a licensed tiny home builder to assist you with the work, take care of any documentation, and ensure that your home conforms with building codes.

Making a tiny house does not have to be difficult, even though it does involve a lot of work. Tiny dwellings are typically in the following locations:

  • RV parks
  • National Parks and campgrounds
  • Tiny house communities
  • Private properties

Tiny House Communities in North Dakota

Although there are few small home communities in North Dakota currently, there are still some available alternatives:

St. Mary Village

The Mary Village is a short distance from Going-To-The-Sun Road and the east gate of Glacier National Park. In the summer, visitors can spend months in the ten tiny houses that compose the village.

The eco-friendly features of St. Mary include energy-efficient appliances and a freshwater/greywater system. The family will have a great time on their summer vacation in St. Mary’s tiny house village.

Tiny Town Extended

Tiny Town Extended Stay Campground near Spearfish, South Dakota, provides monthly and long-term camping choices. Many full-service campsites in Tiny Town are available for long stays in your mobile tiny home. The facilities available in campgrounds are water, electricity, sewage, Wi-Fi, laundry, and trash.

Tiny House Builders Near Me

With so many small houses available from the Great Lakes Tiny Homes can be sent anywhere in the nation. You don’t even spend time looking at North Dakota tiny house builders to find your dream house.

Great Lakes Tiny Homes is a Certified RV Industry Association (RVIA) builder focused on maintaining the highest manufacturing standards with the most stringent safety, regulatory, and tiny home-building specifications.

Do I Need a Certified Builder?

You do! You could think about doing it yourself, but there are more dangers and uncertainties involved.

Dealing with a builder who received RVIA certification, such as Great Lakes Tiny Homes, guarantees that the tiny house you purchase complies with laws and specific regulations.

It also provides a sense of confidence since it guarantees that the materials in your house are high-quality, long-lasting, and safe.

Working with a registered builder also offers access to insurance coverage and financing choices. Your tiny house promises to be a safe and livable space provided it complies with RVIA requirements.


Can You Make a Tiny House in North Dakota Your Main Residence?

Of course! In North Dakota, tiny homes are permissible to live in full-time.

Local rules and regulations vary depending on where you reside. To find out if the tiny house conforms with all applicable rules and regulations, including those inspection requirements, speak with the local governments and zoning authorities.

Dealing with qualified builders in North Dakota allows you to live a more carefree and ecologically conscious lifestyle.

In North Dakota, What Is the Minimum Size Requirement for Tiny Houses?

There is no minimum size limit for tiny homes on a state level in North Dakota. However, the various authorities control the construction of tiny houses, some of which have minimum size limitations. Therefore, the local rules in North Dakota will determine the maximum size of a little house. It could be 400 square feet or less.

Does My North Dakota Tiny Home Require Me to Pay Property Taxes?

Depending on the house’s categorization, your tiny house may or may not be liable to property taxes legal in North Dakota. 

Like other residential houses, tiny houses on foundations are subject to property taxes as they qualify as permanent constructions.

In general, property taxes do not apply to mobile homes. However, you will be paying property taxes if you build a tiny house on wheels on your land.


North Dakota counties differ in their approval of tiny houses, but Grand Forks and Burleigh are among the friendliest. Potential owners of tiny houses deal with complex municipal ordinances, zoning restrictions, and construction requirements. You must do extensive study or get legal counsel before starting to build or move into a tiny house in North Dakota.

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