The convincing reasons why you might want a Backyard Office!

How has your home life changed under quarantine? Have you been forced to work from your bedroom in an attempt to find a quiet space away from the everyday noise, responsibilities, and distractions? Not many can debate the fact that it is difficult to be productive in the same space in which you live…

Dishes to clean, Netflix tempting us, kids with homework deadlines, you name it. And that local coffee shop you depended on for some alone time to work is no longer an option.

Whether your employer required you to work from home or you made the choice yourself to help your family or prevent exposure, many of us have had to unexpectedly adjust to a very different work environment. Of course, it’s not all negative- you eliminated the time and expense of that exhausting commute, you’ve been able to spend more time with your family, and you get to work in your pajamas- if you want to, of course.

But now you may be asking yourself, how can I keep all the benefits of working from home but find a way to regain that focus, productivity, and sense of professionalism I felt when I used to work from the office? How can I avoid commuting to be available to my family but still physically leave my home and work in a private space where the kids won’t scribble on my presentation documents?

Well, we just happen to have a practical solution to your dilemma…

The Backyard Office!

This freestanding structure is quickly becoming the best get-away location to be productive and focus on work without changing your work-from-home status.

With insulation, electricity, and internet connection, the backyard office is an option for any climate and for any kind of online work, from educators providing courses over Zoom to lawyers meeting one on one with their clients. Completely customizable, the backyard office could also provide a quiet place for dads or moms to get away to work on taxes or to organize their important documents.

Whatever your need, whatever your work or project, you can adapt the backyard office to be the perfect retreat where you can get things done. College students stuck at home? A relative crashing at your place for a few months? No private space for family members to talk quietly one on one about what’s bothering them? Mom pulling her hair out because she doesn’t have a single moment of peace and quiet? The backyard office to the rescue!

And we can help. If you want a backyard office and personal retreat room, just send us your design and we will draw up a plan for you. Would you prefer to match the structure to your house? Or do you want something completely unique and whimsical? Share your ideas with us and we can make it happen!

Many of us have had to leave an office job for one reason or another and to start our own little business from home. What better place to manage it than in your own backyard?

In brief, why consider creating a backyard office?

– It is surprisingly affordable. Contact us for design and pricing!

– It is not just a simple shed. Your office will have spray foam insulation, be completely wired for any electronics you want to install, be your own unique design, have heating and cooling for any season, and an optional bathroom with composting toilet so you can stay and work for hours.

– It will be placed in your backyard completely finished and ready to use.

– It keeps your work-from-home documents and computer away from home! You can still be very close to the family, but at the same time keep your own private little place to secure work materials, concentrate, and be creative!

– It saves you a lot of money on fuel J!

– Get your own peace and quiet and be less distracted and in a better mood when you rejoin your family after work is completed.

– You are in your own backyard, by your garden, away from the noise of the office and the pollution of the city. With big doors and windows, you are surrounded by fresh air and natural light!

– It is a fully equipped office with everything you need in one place, saving you time you would have spent running around the house or to the store to get supplies.

Stay productive and order your own backyard tiny office today!

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