Potential Tiny House Friendly Areas- Michigan’s Zoning Free Townships

Great Lakes Tiny Homes Zoning IntelligenceVolume 3: Potential Tiny House Friendly Areas- Michigan’s Zoning Free Townships

Ewing and Turin Townships are located in Michigan’s central Upper Peninsula in the South East area of Marquette County. According to the Marqutte County Zoning plan, both townships currently do not have any zoning regulations.

Although these areas seem quite remote, they offer a possible solution for living tiny legally.

Below is a link to the Marquette County Zoning Plan:

Marquette Zoning Plan


Here is the excerpt from page 4 of the Marquette Zoning Plan.

“The Marquette County Board of Commissioners rescinded the County’s Ordinance effective January 1, 1994. Anticipating this action, County Staff assisted townships in adopting interim ordinances. The interim ordinances were replaced over a three-year period with adoption of a permanent ordinances. Ewing and Turin Townships opted not to adopt an ordinance upon expiration of their interim ordinance. Currently, those townships do not have any zoning regulations.”

Additionally, I conducted some preliminary research to inquire about property for sale in these townships. Although my findings were limited, I have listed a couple of potential properties that tiny home owners could call home 🙂

Properties for sale in Turin Twp:



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