Introducing the Lightship L1 Electric RV: Revolutionizing the Way You Travel

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Would you like to explore the globe in your portable hotel without wasting any fuel or harming the environment? If so, you will adore the Lightship L1, an electric travel trailer that lets you travel in comfort and style anywhere you please. The aerodynamic L1 trailer, which has a spaceship-like appearance, can glide along the road without reducing the range of your electric vehicle.

Additionally, it incorporates solar awnings and a solar roof that harnesses solar energy to run the trailer and charge your automobile. The L1 comes equipped with everything you need to appreciate nature, including a roomy and comfortable lounge, a functional kitchen, and a tranquil bathroom.

You can invite friends or family to join you on the journey since the L1 can fit up to six people. And the L1 may act as a mobile office or a backup generator if you need to work or have electricity in your home. The electric L1 will provide you with amazing experiences while producing no emissions.

Keep reading to learn more about this investment. The future is now.

What is the Lightship L1 Travel Trailer?

The main goal of creating and building aerodynamic, battery-powered trailers for the electric age is to redefine the recreational vehicle experience.

Lightship is America’s first entirely electric RV manufacturer. Also, it is developing a crucial component that will allow the electrically powered operation of pickup SUVs and trucks while carrying the added convenience and improved achievement that electricity provides to a recreational activity enjoyed by 1 in 10 American families, as the overall change to an entirely electric transportation ecosystem accelerates.

Traveling Is Changing Thanks to the All-Electric Trailer

The L1 was carefully constructed to produce no emissions, to be comfortable, and to be durable. To achieve almost zero distance loss for EVs and decrease gasoline prices, we started with aerodynamic concepts.

Every choice, from the solar roof and battery down to the appliances, was made with user-friendliness in mind and, of course, unwinding close to nature. Enjoy lots of space to gather and store everything in practical storage options. It’s beyond any travel trailer you’ve ever had, especially when you consider the added benefit of generating your electricity or charging your EV.

The co-founders of Lightship, Ben Parker and Toby Kraus, are driving innovation in the field of electric vehicles. With Toby’s experience in economics and managing products at the same firm and Ben’s broad experience as an electrical engineer at Tesla, they create a solid team, and now that they have obtained twenty-three million dollars in Series A funding, they are prepared to change the RV industry.

The Best Features of the Lightship L1 RV

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It includes self-propulsion technology that allows for almost no range loss or MPG reduction for the tow vehicle. Drivers of conventional pickup trucks and SUVs gain from this when it comes to efficiency. It also offers a remarkable benefit for electric vehicle drivers who might worry about running out of range when traveling through isolated places.

This feature makes off-the-beaten-track exploration more convenient and comfortable, making the Lightship L1 the ideal travel partner for intrepid electronic vehicle enthusiasts.


Unlike other trailers, the L1 has a unique appearance.

Principles of Automotive Design

The founding group includes former employees of Tesla, Rivian, and various other top EV producers. The L1 was created using only the best aerodynamic techniques, all the way to the incorporated glass and tail lamps.


Every choice was made with aerodynamics in mind from the beginning, allowing you to soar through the air while driving. Meet a brand-new form with telescoping hard-sided walls, a tapered back, and smooth front corners. Between Road Mode and Camp Mode, the dual-mode trailer switches rapidly.

Dependable Towing

Crosswinds are minimized by the L1’s streamlined design and low driving height of 6’9″. The most comfortable towing experience is provided by a small center of gravity, batteries housed in the trailer’s chassis, and an electric powertrain on its wheels.

Developed to Last

The foundations are found in the development of vehicles, where each design is extensively prototyped, validated, and durability-tested. Every component of the L1 is built to last, from the glass in the windows and doors to the automotive-grade composite body. So you can take advantage of countless experiences.

A Flexible Outdoor Kitchen

With the clever, adaptable camp kitchen, you can enjoy extra time outside or organize those larger events. Make your dinner come to life by chopping, dicing, or prepping over the countertop while using the electric stove and collapsible sink.

Window After Window

You would not believe how many windows are in the L1’s airy design. Open the glass doors to let in the breeze, quickly pass beverages through, and start the outdoor-indoor celebration.

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Even inside, you have a broad view of the outside.

Adaptable Lounge Area

Maintain a dialogue with relatives or close friends in the flexible, open lounge area. Before going to bed, spread out over a game of cards, a movie, or that dessert you have been eyeing.

Panoramic Perspective

You have never encountered anything like the Lightship. From every angle, even the shower, there are panoramic views and windows to the outside.

A Place for Everything

Anything from kitchenware to phone charging. Whether you are in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, you can instantly access storage.

Substantial Surfaces and Cutting-Edge Appliances

With the roomy counters, multiple drawers, and storage nooks for pots, pans, and dry goods, you will look forward to cooking once again. The dishwasher uses the least amount of water, and all the equipment is ergonomic.

Comfortable Bathroom

You can have stunning porcelain flooring, a window to the outside, lofty ceilings, and a rainshower overhead.

Sustainable, Long-Lasting Materials

The long-lasting flooring is created with energy from renewable sources and has no environmental impact. They then decided on worktops made from ocean trash that are stain-resistant. Finally, for a lounge area that will last, they created a special material that is automotive-grade and contains as much as 70% recycled polyester.


The L1 uses solar power and a self-propelled powertrain to give your EV almost no range loss.

Utilize an Electric Drive to Go Further

For weightless, low-drag towing, an electric drive engine and an aerodynamic vehicle body work together. The design enables your electric vehicle to lose almost no range and your gas vehicle to get higher gas mileage. Go farther than you ever imagined.

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Power Your Home or EV

While camping, make use of the L1 to power your electric vehicle. Additionally, connect it to your home while you are in a driveway between journeys. Your L1 is a sizable energy-producing and energy-storing backup generator for your home. Then there was no energy lost at all.

Built-In, Not Bolted-On, Solar Energy

About 3 kW of solar power is produced by the cleanly integrated solar roof and awnings. Discover solar peace with electric appliances, always-on outlets, and inbuilt batteries that can store up to 80 kWh of energy.

Solar Awnings That Quickly Deploy

With the two extensible solar awnings, you can double your solar power generation and boondocking days. The extra surface area helps to keep the L1’s interior cool.

Controls at Your Disposal

With the digital app, you have access to all the information you need for connected, stress-free excursions. Whether you’re adjusting the lighting, monitoring the power supply, or planning your next route, the simple tablet interface is ready.

Additional Characteristics


  • Outside length: 27 feet
  • Outside width: 8 feet, 6 inches
  • Outside height – Road Mode: 6 feet, 9 inches
  • Outside height – Camp Mode: 10 feet
  • Inside height – Camp Mode: 7 feet, 6inches


  • Vehicle’s weight: 7,500 pounds

Sleeping Capacity

  • 4-6 people

Electronic Features

  • Drive motor: All-electric (L1 Long Range)
  • Battery: 40 kWh and 80 kWh options
  • All-electric towing range: 300 miles
  • The capacity of solar generation: 3 kW maximum
  • Off-grid power: 7 days (while running)

What Is the Price of a Lightship RV?

With two models

  • L1 Essential, which has a price of $125,000, is the base model and has fewer features.
  • L1 Long Range costs $150,000 and has all the features


When Will the Lightship RV Be Sold?

As interest in the Lightship L1 Electric RV grows, many interested buyers are wondering when they will be able to purchase this cutting-edge trailer. The production is anticipated to start in late 2024, according to Lightship, even if a precise release date has not been disclosed.

How do I buy a Lightship L1 Electric RV?

You can reserve a Lightship RV if you are interested in paying a completely refundable $500 deposit. Additionally, you will have a choice between both of their L1 models. So, if you are thinking about getting an innovative electric car, you may start the process of doing so now.

Has the Lightship L1 Air Conditioning?

The Lightship enables standard AC and DC charging just like an electric passenger car while also receiving continuous power from rooftop solar panels.


The Lightship L1 electric travel trailer uses solar power and a self-propelled powertrain to give your EV almost no range loss. It enables you to live off the grid without thinking twice a week.

The L1 is three times more aerodynamic than conventional travel trailers thanks to its effective design, which lessens its negative effects on the autonomy of the vehicle towing it.

It is poised to revolutionize the recreational vehicle industry by providing travelers looking for an eco-friendly option with a comfortable, efficient, and sustainable travel experience. As we excitedly await its introduction, it is abundantly evident that the L1 will transform not just the way we experience the great outdoors but also how our planet will be explored in the future.

So, keep checking back for details on this incredible electric RV, and be ready to set out on an exhilarating, ecologically conscious vacation that is guaranteed to make an impression.

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