Best Ways to Organize A Small Bedroom + Useful Hacks

how to organize a small bedroom

Many of us have always fantasized about living in a small space. That is until we realize how much we need creative storage solutions. Although a tiny house is the ultimate in minimalist architecture, its occupants do not always have to give up everything to live there. Stay tuned to find out how to organize a small bedroom and tips to maximize your space.

The First Step Is Decluttering

Take a step back and examine your small bedroom and all of its contents before you start the process. Make a note of any duplicates or extras you may have. The best course of action is to design your bedroom with a basic aesthetic. Your bedroom will appear cleaner, neater, and larger the more clutter-free it is.

The bed, a side table, a storage chest, a wardrobe, and if necessary, a television set, are considered to be the only vital pieces of furniture. 

Downsizing is an additional effective solution. Make sure the scale of the furniture is appropriate for the room. Avoid large, hefty pieces that will occupy a lot of room both physically and visually. Additionally, if your ceilings are not very high, add tall or vertical items to bring attention to the ceiling and give the illusion that the room is larger. Great alternatives include long draperies, towering bookcases, and a tall plant.

Place Your Bedroom Furniture Conveniently

The key to organizing a small bedroom is to make the most of your available space while acknowledging that you don’t have much of it. Take on your bedroom’s biggest space hog, the furniture, before you re-establish anything there.

If you don’t want to remove your bed, dresser, bookcase, drawer, or desk from your small bedroom’s furniture, you need a strategy for where to put them so that the space doesn’t feel crowded.

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The Bed

The largest object in your bedroom is your bed. Most people assume that placing your bed in the corner of your room would make the most sense because it would take up the least amount of space and be out of the way.

That is untrue. Your bedroom will appear larger overall if your bed is in the middle of the room, with space for movement on each side. The middle of the room’s longest wall serves as the optimal location.

The Side Table

Your bedside table must be nearby. Turning the table sideways is one organizational tip that many individuals overlook when dealing with a small bedroom. Even though it will take up less area in your small room, flipping your side table will still provide you access to all your bedtime necessities.

The Dresser

Dressers take up a lot of room as well. Even if you do have a huge dresser, you want it to be next to your bed even if we advise choosing a thin, narrow dresser. Since these are the two largest items, you want them to be balanced by being placed on opposing walls.

The Shelves

Investing in a shelf or other form of book storage that doesn’t require as much floor space, like a cube or floating shelf, is the best approach to deal with bookshelf placement.

If you must use a traditional bookshelf, place it against a side wall or in a corner rather than against the room’s center wall. Make sure the shelf is adjacent to a wall; don’t let any part of it protrude into the space. To keep your bedroom feeling more spacious, reserve your longest wall for your bed or dresser.

What About The Closet?

A closet can serve more purposes than merely housing your clothes and shoes. If you have a small closet but use its area smartly, it can serve as a workplace and a place to store your clothing.

Throw away any multiples you might be keeping when organizing your closet by removing everything and taking it back in.

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Keep only one of each piece of clothing in your area unless you use it every day, like a uniform. If you discover that you have accumulated supplies for future use, place them in a labeled bin outside your bedroom. 

Another helpful tip is to fold things vertically to see everything you have. Often, you can fit more, and although they have more folds, your clothing doesn’t wrinkle as quickly. Keep in mind the influence of a wise Container Store investment as well. Drawer dividers significantly improve organization.

Hang Stuff On Hooks

Small bedrooms can benefit from the use of wall hooks for organization. These offer a way to hang things like shoes, towels, luggage, and clothing, including scarves and bags. Additionally, they let you store everything in an organized manner by keeping the mess off the bed and the floor. The tiniest, most reliable, most clever bedroom storage options!

Peg rail and other straightforward hook designs are still widely used, but many modern designers are now making hooks just as attractive as useful. These look terrific arranged together and dancing along a wall. 

Use Multifunctional Furniture

You can buy organizers with many uses in addition to decluttering, like storage ottomans with secret compartments or bedroom benches with additional seating. These things are excellent for keeping bedroom necessities like linens, blankets, and pillows close at hand.

Simple improvements like adding a wall shelf, getting a slender bedside table, or installing a shoe rack over the bedroom door will maximize and organize your space.

You can add extra space to your bedroom on a budget by combining organization techniques and purchasing a few inexpensive pieces of furniture. You’ll be able to maximize the use of your bedroom and maintain organization for many years with the help of these suggestions.

Take Advantage Of The Space Under The Bed

Use the area under the bed to maximize your small bedroom organization. You’ll be surprised at how beneficial storage there may be as guests hardly ever notice it. All the bedroom clutter should be kept inside cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and other storage options.

Consider methods to conceal it, such as a valance, if you intend to store several items under a non-divan bed. These were often used as functional additions to hide ugly stuff back then, such as the bed frame and box spring. Valance helped conceal the dust beneath the bed by cascading to the floor. These would help prevent the chilly drafts from rising from the bed’s bottom. 

Paint Your Room Strategically

Consider repainting the walls with light hues to optimize your little bedroom’s space. The small space can look more open and have a hint of modernity by using a light, airy color like ivory or beige.

You can hang mirrors or wall decor that goes with your color scheme and avoid empty walls. Consider purchasing furniture with many uses, such as ottomans that can be used as storage for blankets and other goods, to reduce clutter and free up additional room.

Group Items In Baskets And Trays

Things are more difficult to lose when they have a destination. Give everything a home; if you can’t or don’t have room for a proper one, let everything go in baskets.

These can provide more storage space for objects including books, linens, accessories, remote controls, laundry, and stationery. Put everything in this location, and call it a day. With the constant accumulation of toys and books, these are an optimal storage solution for a child’s bedroom.

Set A Folding Table

You can also put a desk against the wall. You might not need a desk in your small bedroom, depending on what you do. In that instance, let it go to make way for other necessities.

But whether you’re a student or often work from home, you undoubtedly already know that workstations can take up a lot of space in a small bedroom. We’d recommend a wall-mounted table or desk that can be used up and down. It can give you a lot of extra space when you fold it.

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How Long Does It Take to Declutter A Small Room?

Whether you’re giving your bedroom a quick or deep clean depends on how big and disorganized it is. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete a typical cleaning that includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, organizing, and straightening the linens.

How Do I Make My Small Room Look Bigger With Too Much Stuff?

A small bedroom can appear larger by clearing the floor space. That is because your eyes may move around the room and take in more images. The eyes perceive the illusion of a bigger room. 

Get rid of bean bags, pick floating beds, use table lamps instead of floor lamps, and provide as much space as possible for people to go around. It would be simpler to keep your small bedroom organized and give it a tidy appearance if there was less clutter on the floor.

How Often Should I Organize My Small Bedroom?

Even if you live alone, everyone accumulates clutter in various locations and at varying rates. If you give the organization high priority, you might only need to perform a significant cleanup once or twice a year. If your home quickly becomes cluttered, think about organizing your space every three to four months.

The Wrap-Up

If you have a little space, arrange it to be attractive and functional. While organization requires some forethought, almost anyone can design a clutter-free area. An orderly place is calming and soothing, regardless of whether you’re downsizing to a smaller home or apartment or are simply getting by in a small place. We hope these organization ideas help you declutter and get that extra storage you aim to have.

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