GREAT NEWS for Southern Michigan Tiny Home Owners- Newberg Township, Cass County Zoning Free Areas

Great Lakes Tiny Homes Zoning Intelligence-Volume 7: Newberg Township, Cass County Zoning Free Area

In my continued research for tiny home friendly areas in Michigan, I discovered another zoning free tiny house friendly area in Southern Michigan! Newberg Township is located in the Western portion of Cass County, approximately 38 miles Southwest of Kalamazoo, MI.

The most exciting news is that tiny houses on trailers can be placed on lots in Newberg Township, but they must be placed on an approved anchorage/foundation that meets the State of Michigan Residential Building Code. The tiny house dwelling must also have the appropriate water, sewer, and electrical utility systems in place and can also be the principle and only dwelling on the lot.

After following up directly with Randy Schmeling, the Newberg Township Building Inspector, he indicated that “the good thing about Newberg Township is that you can build what you want as there is no zoning requirements.” Schmeling continues by adding “the bad thing about Newberg Township is, your neighbor can also build what they want next to your property.” Schmeling added that as long as tiny houses met the Michigan Residential Building code for floor area requirements, they would be allowable. In February 2016, Michigan adopted the 2015 IRC Residential Building code which only requires minimum habitable floor areas of less than 100 sq/ft (habitable room plus bathroom).

I am very excited to learn of another township in Michigan that has tiny house friendly areas for both tiny houses on foundations as well as on trailers!

Below is a link to the Newberg Township website with their administrators contact information.

Newberg Township Web Site

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