Unveiling Extreme Minimalism: A Guide for the Modern Minimalist Lifestyle 2023

extreme minimalist

Before becoming an extreme minimalist, you must know some essential aspects before introducing yourself to this special world.

Being minimalist sometimes is not about what some people think. It is a way of living that goes against traditional ideas of materialism, consumerism, and connection. It is about choosing to live with what is necessary (living with less), which will lead to better freedom, happiness, and peace of mind.

They want a smaller environmental effect, make simpler decisions, and pay attention to their principles and interests.

Defining Extreme Minimalism

Living as simply as possible while removing every superfluous thing from one’s life so that all that is left is what is necessary is what is meant by extreme minimalism.

Extreme minimalists strive to reduce clutter and annoyances to the point that they are on the verge of possessing nothing. Extreme minimalists may own anything from 90 to 100 items, in some cases down to only 15 items.

The Perks of Extreme Minimalism

The option to downsize seems even more enticing, given the many advantages of this straightforward way of living.

Spend Less Money

Spending less, saving more, and achieving financial freedom are all benefits of concentrating on having a small number of high-quality assets.

By having fewer tangible goods, you’ll spend less money on upkeep costs associated with owning, storing, and maintaining non-essential objects than you would have otherwise.

Free Time

Extreme simplicity can boost output as well. Following these rigorous procedures will not only help you discover objects faster but will also help you organize your time more effectively and do fewer everyday duties that are not required.

Extreme minimalism speaks more broadly about your way of life than just your tangible stuff. It simplifies your objectives, requirements, and daily chores so you may do greater things with less effort.

Stress Out

Your life will be much simpler if you avoid excess. It should afterward enable you to feel less stressed. Eliminate digital, mental, and physical clutter by putting your attention on the things that are really necessary and simple ways to experience real delight.

Helping the Environment

Excessive spending on material goods has negative effects on the environment. You may interrupt the trends in fashion, home décor, and other non-essential things by forgoing frivolous material purchases.

What Costs Must Extreme Minimalism Incur?

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Letting Go of Precious Objects

Giving up emotional objects is one of the major sacrifices of extreme minimalism. Even if you don’t use emotional items regularly, it might be tough to let go of them.

These things can occupy valuable mental and physical space for extreme minimalists. Because of this, even if it’s not always simple, people are prepared to face the sacrifice of giving up treasured objects. Sometimes, people decide to preserve only one or two things that hold sentimental value for each one.

Giving up Tangible Possessions

They must renounce not just their worldly goods but also the emotional ties that go along with them. It’s a trade-off that needs careful consideration.

They can live an easier existence thanks to fewer clutter and distractions. On the contrary hand, it entails letting go of items that could be nostalgic or practical in specific circumstances.

Each minimalist must make a personal choice based on their unique ideals and requirements. Extreme minimalists are prepared to make this sacrifice for a more purposeful and happy existence.

Adopting a More Frugal Way of Living

Pursuing frugality might be a hardship for individuals who have adopted a minimalist lifestyle. It is because they may currently live on a limited budget and have fewer goods overall.

They would also give up some of the modern amenities they have grown accustomed to, such as streaming services and box subscriptions. For some people, this might not seem like a huge problem, but for others, it might be a substantial sacrifice.

Perhaps Being Isolated

Extreme minimalism also has the drawback of making you feel lonely if you do not have enough belongings or objects to engage in social interaction. Likewise, hosting a game night or dinner party with friends might be challenging.

Turning an Extreme Minimalist

You may simplify your life and home with the aid of these tricks and recommendations to create less chaos and more clarity.

Wear the Same

Pick your perfect attire to encourage wearability, self-assurance, and comfort. The advantage of this method is that you won’t have to worry about what to wear ever again. Your life can change if you always know what you are going to wear.

Shorten Up Your Kitchen

Just one all-purpose pot or skillet, just one teaspoon and knife, and a sturdy kitchen knife should be all you need. Depending on your requirements and degree of mobility, other items could be required, but this is an example.

Minimize Furniture

Reduce the number of extra seats and non-essential furnishings like carpets and coffee tables. If these items are crucial to you, you might opt to rent furniture or reside in a pre-furnished home. You can utilize these things without needing to own them in this way.

Do It Digital

You may reduce the quantity of paper you use by choosing digital alternatives. Select to receive invoices, tax returns, and other mail electronically. Keep critical records on a device. Even better, digitize your pictures and throw away any hard copies.

Clean Up Your Jewelry

It’s simple to accumulate jewelry over time. Keep your jewelry modest and limited to the pieces you use every day. It can be a favorite watch or a set of jewelry that you rarely take off.

Make Use of Other Forms of Transportation

Extreme minimalists frequently choose not to buy vehicles and instead use other forms of mobility. Take the bus, walk, or use a bike to avoid spending money and lessen your influence on the environment.

A Smaller Life

Many people who practice minimalism choose to downsize and live in smaller dwellings or vehicles, such as flats, tiny houses, or even converted vans.

Save Energy

Extreme minimalism can have an emotional impact in addition to its physical one. Get rid of unhealthy connections and emotional ties that are no longer beneficial to you.

Make Your Ideal Cleaner

The right cleaning product needs to be effective everywhere. Find an organic, all-purpose cleaner that meets all your cleaning requirements to streamline your cleaning process.

Extreme Minimalism vs. Minimalism

The difference between one and another


  • Having things that they adore
  • Frequently kept tranquil and uncluttered to create the room needed to concentrate on what is important.
  • In other words, a minimalist may appreciate owning a regular home, car, and possessions, but these things often meet the requirements above.

Extreme Minimalism

  • Minimization of possessions
  • Frequently kept serene and uncomplicated visually to allow one to concentrate on what matters
  • Even though an extreme minimalist may not appreciate owning a regular home, car, or possessions, the few things they do have tend to meet the aforesaid requirements.

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The Examples of Extreme Minimalism: Real Cases


She is known as an extreme minimalist because she gained notoriety for having less than 90 possessions and residing in a small flat without furnishings. Since then, she has calmed down a little gently, even going so far as to remove all of her popular extreme minimalist films from her channel, and she now mostly focuses on counseling for emotional recovery.


The Japanese minimalist Aki enjoys releasing movies on his everyday activities, preferred minimalist items, and life as a minimalist in rural Japan. 

Aki started downsizing his stuff after being moved by the grace and elegance of the Japanese tea ritual. He found the way of living to be so liberating that he started to pare down everything until he was an extreme minimalist.


The activist and minimalist Rob is passionate about sustainability and having a good influence on the environment. As an extreme minimalist, he examines everything, and no idea is off the wall.

He is well known for tearing up his bank cards, license to drive, insurance card, and mobile phone, in addition to dumping his car and trash while searching for meals. He also possesses an overall total of 44 items in his possession.


She has a ton of films that demonstrate her storage techniques, her radically limited clothing for a four-season location, and how much stuff she has as a minimalist.


Andrew Hyde adopted an extreme type of minimalism to fulfill his dream of traveling the world. He reduced all he possessed to only 15 things so he could travel the world with less.


Are You Right for Extreme Minimalism?

It is not for everyone, even if it could be advantageous for some. Anyone can choose to accept some components of the concept while ignoring others, just like I have because there is no right way to follow it.

Regardless of the degree of minimalism you aim for, you should adopt the way of life gradually to prevent emotions of oppression and lessen the chance of relapsing.

Eventually, only you can decide if extreme minimalism is right for you.

Can You Be Happy With Extreme Minimalism?

There will be less tension if you need to handle or carry fewer things. It’s simpler to manage your errands or trips. Furthermore, you can narrow your attention to the things that make you happy.

What Benefits May a Minimalist Lifestyle Offer?

The benefit of minimalism is that it allows you to reassess what is truly important to you and your life. It’s intended to bring you one step closer to achieving the happiness and calm you desire. You may put your attention on your interests, interacting with family, and leading a more fulfilling life rather than being preoccupied with your technological devices or buying the newest outfits.


Due to the significant sacrifice, dedication, and adaptation required, extreme minimalism is not for everyone. Some people might also consider it to be antisocial, unreasonable, or impractical.

However, it may be a joyful and fulfilling way of life for those who adopt it and make it a part of their purpose and beliefs.

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