The Ultimate Guide to Tiny Home Appliances: Choose the Right Ones

appliances for tiny homes

You have your dream tiny house, and you are now prepared to furnish it with the best appliances for tiny homes and start creating a cozy, functional, and comfortable space. However, furnishing these houses with appliances is more difficult than furnishing a typical apartment or house. 

When selecting tiny home appliances, take into account both your lifestyle and the architectural layout. As with everything related to modest living, success depends on careful planning. Join us today for some tips and hints! 

Why Do You Need the Right Tiny House Appliances?

Being minimal is the key to tiny homes. Probably your desire to downsize was what first drew you to the tiny house movement. In that scenario, you don’t want to overcrowd your new house with furniture and tools. Living with less is the key to success. Or perhaps you’re on a tight budget since you decided to live in a tiny house to save money. 

In either case, you’re undoubtedly searching for inexpensive tiny house equipment and small appliances. Additionally, you want your new house to showcase your style and preferences. The appliances you choose should have both form and function.

How to Pick the Right Appliances for A Tiny House?

There are things you must consider before buying appliances for your tiny home, as they must be more compact yet functional for you. 

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It’s important to look for compact home appliances that last a long time. Even though the initial cost is higher, avoiding needing to replace them will result in long-term savings. Also think about if you would be able to fix them yourself if necessary, saving you money in the long run. 

It depends on your demands and preferences as to how much money you should set aside for your tiny house appliances. Owners of tiny homes typically spend $400 to $4500 on appliances. However, there are also lots of affordable appliances for tiny homes available. 

Dual Functionality

Choosing dual-purpose appliances that perform many tasks is a clever strategy when space conservation is your top goal in a little house. 

For example, if your tiny house has stairs, you could use the space below them as drawers or a storage area.


Small household appliances should be compact. In a small dwelling, it’s important not to take up too much room. And it’s a bonus if they can be put away quickly. 

For instance, fold-up desks, seats, and dining tables may be placed in a room’s corner when not in use. 

Similarly to this, you’ll want lightweight appliances if your tiny house is mobile to save money on fuel. 

Adaptable Fittings

Getting custom furniture made to fit your decor properly is a terrific way to make the most of your space. When it comes to tiny house designs, which may occasionally feel a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, this extra flexibility is a huge asset. The pieces must all come together perfectly.

For those awkward tiny areas where nothing mass-produced can fit, custom furniture is perfect.


Eco-awareness and the tiny house movement have a lot in common. Many little houses are completely off the grid. Others decide to move to a smaller home to lessen their environmental impact, save money on energy costs, and accumulate fewer possessions. 

Therefore, you’ll probably want energy-efficient appliances. It also helps you save money. 

Giving used items a second life is another choice. Obtaining old dresser drawers, for instance, and utilizing the wood for shelves.

Tiny House Kitchen Appliances

Induction Cooktops

With 90% of the heat produced cooking the food, radiant induction cooktops are marginally more efficient than gas cooktops. About 50% of gas is efficient. An induction cooktop, however, calls for specific cookware. 

Although more powerful gas burners with automatic electronic ignition are an option, they don’t provide the space-saving and multipurpose advantages of portable stoves designed for camping. 

For people with less demanding cooking requirements, a portable propane cooktop can be an excellent cost-effective solution. When not in use, it can be stored, leaving the countertop available for other uses. 


It’s worthwhile to consider unconventional options when selecting an oven for your tiny house kitchen.

Convection toaster ovens are smaller and more energy-efficient than conventional ovens, and they can cook many foods and save space.

An excellent appliance choice for someone who enjoys cooking and has already decided on an induction or electric stove is a built-in wall oven. These have a modern appearance and fit almost everywhere. Additionally, you can select one with a retractable door, which will make it much simpler to operate in a compact space.

All-in-one Kitchen Units

To satisfy all of your basic kitchen requirements, all-in-one combination kitchens come with a 2-burner stove, sink, storage cabinets, and refrigerator with a freezer section. Ideal for studio apartments, hotel rooms, dorms, senior care facilities, and any other space requiring a kitchen area in a compact footprint. Perfectly scaled and affordable.


Refrigerators and freezers are the most important appliance for any house. You probably thought a lot about the type of refrigerator you should buy and where it should be located in your layout or floor plan when going over your tiny house kitchen plans.

A fridge that matches your needs and the items you wish to store is essential. Select a tall or thin refrigerator to maximize space if your room has a high ceiling but is narrow. If you are limited to under-counter space, though, an under-counter refrigerator is a good choice.

There are off-grid refrigerators available that can be powered by grid electricity, solar energy, or a propane tank. Even though the larger models are still not full-sized refrigerators, they have a large capacity for their size and come with a freezer. 

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Electric Kettles

Another necessary kitchen item for your compact house is an electric kettle. It can also quickly boil eggs and make instant noodles in addition to boiling water. Because it retains heat for prolongated periods, it is also practical to use any place throughout the house.

Instant Pots

The Instant Pot is a multi-cooker for sautéing, steaming, warming food, and slow cooking. It can also be used to cook rice. One kitchen appliance that performs all these tasks. It enables you to reduce both cooking time and kitchen space. 

Because it has more safety features and functionalities than a typical pressure cooker, the Instant Pot is different from a pressure cooker. As a result, it has more user control and functions, making it much safer to operate. 

Living Room Appliances


You’re likely to spend some time on the couch in any home, but for people who live in compact homes, it’s crucial. That is due to the lack of relaxing spaces in the house. And with the authority granted to me as a resident of a little house, I implore you to make your couch pleasant.

Do not buy a stiff couch simply because it has a trundle bed feature.

You can use the following guidelines to help you choose a couch for your compact home.

  • Will there be sufficient space for the entire family to sit down?
  • What would be of more value to you? A couch with storage for more linens? Or a sofa that can also serve as a bed?
  • Will the sofa/living room be used as an eating area?

Storage Ottomans

The world’s most adaptable small home furnishings are storage ottomans. They can:

  • Convert a sofa into a daybed.
  • Provide a spot for your feet to rest.
  • Convert a couch into a temporary twin bed.
  • Ensure there are accessible storage areas.
  • Double as a coffee table. 
  • Furnish additional seating. 

Bathroom Appliances

Composting Toilets

Composting toilets are the norm in the tiny house community. Contrary to traditional toilets, composting toilets don’t require plumbing and don’t flush sewage away. Instead, the trash is kept on site and composted there (and there isn’t a smell). 

They are environmentally friendly and change our waste from a stagnant swamp of sewage to compost.

Shower Inserts

The most popular choice for tiny houses is usually a shower insert. These products, essentially showers in boxes, are generally accessible at any hardware store. They have the benefit of being waterproof, with assurance. The final product you choose will be influenced by the style you’re going for because these units exist in hundreds of different forms, sizes, and colors.


A bathroom with poor airflow will become a moldy mess. This essential element of bathroom design for tiny homes must be the first to consider.

Which system works best in bathrooms? You have two choices. You can construct an entire house ventilation system or only make a range hood for the kitchen and a bathroom fan. The approach used in the kitchen and bathroom merely removes air from your home; air exchanger systems bring in fresh air.

Extra Appliances

Washing Machine

A washing machine is essential in the modern world. Nobody needs to deal with laundromats’ hassles.

The last thing you need in a small house is damp clothes drying all over your furniture. It’s not big enough for that. However, setting up a dryer will take up valuable space. Why not choose a 2-in-1 instead? The washer/dryer combos use incredibly quiet technology, so you won’t hear them while trying to sleep.

It should ideally have a 3.5 cubic feet capacity, a stainless steel drum, and a direct drive motor in the pedestal that uses less energy and has fewer moving parts than conventional motors.

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In Which Position Should My Tiny House Appliances Be?

  • When the Tiny House is on wheels, consideration should be given to the vicinity of the trailer tongue and axles if any appliances are too heavy to carry, as may be the case when selecting full-size equipment.
  • Examine ergonomics and determine whether the positioning of the items will force you to reach or squat needlessly low or high.
  • Consider your location vertically as well. It’s not necessary to place everything at counter height.

What Is the Best Place to Purchase Tiny Home Appliances?

  • Amazon: One alluring aspect of Amazon shopping is the frequent free shipping. Additionally, they provide installation services at a cost. And in addition to the manufacturer’s basic warranty, users can purchase additional ones. And in general, returns are straightforward. 
  • Home Depot: There are many things available for free 2-day delivery. They provide tool rental and installation services. Regarding store employees’ knowledge, it might be hit or miss.
  • Used appliances: Saving money by purchasing used appliances is a terrific option, but you should proceed with extreme caution. Online marketplaces like Facebook and Craigslist can be the best for finding deals, but use caution and know how to identify good items from bad ones.

Which Solar-Powered Appliances Are Available on the Market?

There are many solar-powered tools on the market nowadays, including solar heaters, lamps, DC refrigerators and freezers, washers, and dryers.

The Wrap-Up

There isn’t much room for standard-sized appliances in a home that is only 200 square feet or smaller. If you’re considering downsizing to a compact home, you should start by deciding which possessions you absolutely must have and how you’ll fit them into your floor plan.

Whether you intend to be completely off-grid, partially off-grid, or somewhere in between, your setup will be different. We hope our recommendations are helpful to you!

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